About Us

Cooke’s Seafood in Hyannis has become a Cape Cod institution by serving the highest quality, freshest seafood available since 1977. Walk into Cooke’s and you will know why it has been a local favorite for over 40 years. You will see directly into our open kitchen where we lightly batter and fry our fresh, locally sourced seafood until it is crispy and golden. In addition to our renowned fried seafood, a peek into our kitchen will reveal classically prepared grilled and broiled seafood, lobster rolls, juicy burgers, chicken dishes, and hand-cut onion rings, to name a few more. Always fresh and made to order, you will see your food as it’s cooked and then quickly brought from our kitchen to your table — a delicious tradition.

Founded by two brothers, James and Connie Haidas, Cooke’s Seafood is now run by the next generation of Haidas brothers. Van and Michael Haidas, who grew up working at Cooke’s Seafood in Hyannis with their parents, continue the tradition their family started. They buy from the best local purveyors of fresh seafood – the same ones that their family bought from for decades. They continue to use the batter recipe that their grandmother developed for frying the seafood. Most importantly, they stress the same principles that have come to define Cooke’s Seafood — quality, consistency, and cleanliness.

Cooke’s Seafood is more than a restaurant to Van and Michael Haidas: it is an embodiment of their family. It is where they grew up and it is where they discovered how much they enjoy sharing their love of food with people. Come into Cooke’s Seafood in Hyannis and you will see how generations of the Haidas family have worked to craft a classic Cape Cod eatery.